At seven years old, I spoke at my first event. Since that day, I’ve spoken professionally over 1200 times in the past 22 years.

I teach businesses and their employees how to take charge of themselves to become leaders in their field. When your employees learn how to own their day, they will work harder and better than ever before. It all boils down to learning how to lead your own life before you start leading others.

Speaking Topics

Be the Boss of Your Life – Who is your most important boss? That person should be you! You must work harder on yourself than you do on your job. You only have two choices in life: Grow, or decline? It is your responsibility as an employee and as a leader to choose growth. If you don’t grow, you go! In this motivational and educational keynote, I will share with you my story of growth  and how you can make changes today to become the boss of your life. Decide today to be the boss of you. Decide today to be GREAT!

Leadership Makes ALL the Difference – Leadership is the solution to every problem. What would the productivity of your organization look like if every employee stepped up as leaders? I will show how you and your organization can gain traction, through fundamental leadership success strategies, in order to maximize productivity and morale and achieve peak performance.

Leading through the Great Divide – Generational differences have become a hot topic and rightfully so. Gen Y, X and Baby Boomers have some real difference. When talking about generational differences people usually either bring in a Millennial or a Baby Boomer. When you do that you alienate one of those groups. This presentation is extremely unique because it is simply a conversation between a Millennial (me) and a Baby Boomer (my father). We will share key characteristics about the different generations. We will also share how and why those characteristics were developed and how to take advantage of them. It will bring people together and teach them how to lead effectively through the great divide that honestly isn’t really all that great.

If You Don’t Grow, You Go – Creating a Positive Org Culture – How do you create a positive organizational culture? What does it take to engage employees and build morale? How do you turn around a toxic culture? What role does your leadership team play in creating a dynamic, employee-focused culture? This presentation emphasizes the importance of investing in the growth of all employees and in those employees can start investing in themselves.

The Time Management Myth – Do you ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day? Most of us feel that way on a daily basis. Time is the great equalizer. We all have the exact same number of hours in a day. But how can we make the most of our time? No matter what we do, we can’t change the amount of time we have, nor can we change how quickly or slowly time goes by. We can only manage ourselves and the choices we make with our time. In this keynote, I share valuable ideas and insights to help you protect your most valuable asset: your time.

Goals are the Difference – Are you making the progress you’re capable of? Do you have clearly defined goals? Are they written down? I will help you understand how to set and achieve goals using a simple process. You’re always working toward a goal. This presentation is designed to help you get there faster and perform better.

Past Clients

Speaking Client Logos


“Billy is a true servant leader. He cares more about you and your organization than his own. His persistence, integrity, and commitment have made a difference in my life and so many others.” – Justin Fatica

“Our company had the distinct pleasure of working with Billy Moyer. He delivered more than we could ever ask and our results achieved proved that using them was well worth it. You will not find a more dedicated and professional person” – Elliot Germany

“We really enjoyed Billy’s presentation at our Annual Company Meeting. Our people learned a lot and left motivated to step up and realize their role in achieving our company goals. We will definitely work with Billy again.” – Linda Wang

“Billy did a great job speaking to our freshmen about leadership. He is a top notch speaker on this important topic and is always welcome back to Concordia.” – Don Christian

“Billy has spoken at our events for several years. He has had a profound impact on our leadership culture as he has helped to develop all aspects of our organization.” – Jim Bell

“Our firm has hired Billy on multiple occasions. Billy provided great results, and our law firm has grown on multiple levels in the process. Billy’s job is not easy, but the passion he demonstrates each time he has been with us makes it seem so.” – Ben De Leon

“Billy is one of the best speakers I have ever worked with. His story is really unique and he is somehow able to connect with any audience. He has spoken to high school and college kids with us, as well as at one of our most important fundraising events to our donors. Success every time! I highly recommend Billy!” – Meeting Planner with the Hispanic Scholarship Consortium

“Billy was great. He accommodated our needs and was easy to work with. He has a great personality and when he talked he grabbed the audience’s attention immediately. We received some very high remarks on his keynote speech. I would definitely recommend him to any person looking for a motivating and captivating keynote speaker.” – Jonathan Yau, AIESEC

“Our annual conference was a complete success simply due to Billy’s outstanding keynote session. Billy connected with our members like no other keynote speaker. His session combined personal experiences, laughter, individual affirmations, and business models that proved to not only be motivating, but also gave our members nuggets of valuable information to take back to their companies.” – Lindsey Geeslin, Texas Masonry Council


For Event Planners

Thank you for considering me for your next event! I know that I can help make your event your best one ever. I understand what a demanding process it is to coordinate an event, and what it takes to make it a success. To assist you in your efforts, I have provided items that others have found to be helpful in their event planning. I hope these materials will assist you in your pre-event planning and publication process.

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