7 Steps to Setting Goals

Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever

7 Steps to Setting Goals

The last month of 2017 is upon us. Doesn’t it feel like just yesterday we were celebrating the New Year? Now it is time to start setting your goals for next year. Will 2018 be your best year ever? It is important that you get started early so that you can begin to take action […]

Three Questions to Ask Yourself When in Transition


I often work with companies who are going through difficult transitions. Maybe they are changing leadership or establishing a new important position. Perhaps they are recovering from a poor year of performance or just moving on from one strategic plan to another. No matter what the reason, transition or change of any king is challenging. […]

Beware of Alligators and Ugly Stuff

My New Book is Now Available

Alligators book cover

Everyone wants to be successful. Each person’s definition is slightly different and entails different things. Success may be financial, relational, or something completely different. There are however, certain similarities found in every journey to Success, and certain things to avoid on the way. Introducing Beware of Alligators and Ugly Stuff, my latest book written with […]

I Really Appreciate the Recognition But…

7 People Who Deserve It More


I was recently informed that I was a finalist for something called the ChangeMaker Award that the Austin Young Chamber of Commerce gives out every year. I am humbled by this recognition and it really got me thinking. This is (thinking) pretty much my greatest pastime. I have to first admit something about myself. In […]