I Really Appreciate the Recognition But…

7 People Who Deserve It More


I was recently informed that I was a finalist for something called the ChangeMaker Award that the Austin Young Chamber of Commerce gives out every year. I am humbled by this recognition and it really got me thinking. This is (thinking) pretty much my greatest pastime. I have to first admit something about myself. In […]

5 Reasons to Avoid Resolutions

Why You Should Set Clearly Defined Goals Instead

Don't Set Resolutions. Set Goals.

My name is Billy Moyer and I have a confession to make. I am not one to be negative, but I must tell you about something I really hate. I HATE NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS! Sorry to yell at you with all the caps, but it is the only way I can convey the frustration I […]

7 Ways to Turnaround a Culture

Change the Culture, Change the Results

Turnaround the Culture

Culture in an organization is real. It isn’t some random made up term by consultants like me looking to get more contracts. Every organization, no matter the size or the amount of revenue, has a company culture. A culture is simply the personality of the company. It determines how employees act, how motivated and engaged […]

Five Leadership Lessons in Creed

Rocky Balboa Back Again and Still Leading

Leadership Lessons in Creed

First let me clear something up for people reading. This is not a post about the band Creed. Sorry to spoil your excitement. It is about the movie that recently came out that essentially is another installment in the Rocky series. When I first learned about this movie I was extremely excited. I am a […]

5 Lessons I Learned from My Dad

And 1 I Wish I Hadn't

Lessons I Learned from my Dad

When I was a just four-years-old I went through my first goal setting program. The first goal that I set while going through that program is one that I am still working on today. My goal was to become just like my dad, Bill Moyer. Over the years, I have worked on this goal and […]