Why We All Must Go Back to School

Back to School

My Facebook news feed is filled with posts and photos of children going back to school. In Texas, today seems to be the day when most public schools head back to the classrooms. Seeing all the hype got me thinking about why we put so much attention to going back to school, when we really should never leave it.

When I graduated from High School, I was not finished with education. Nor was I finished when I graduated from College or with my Master’s Degree. I go back to school every single day. How about you?

My wife works in education and it is a big passion of hers. Through her, I learned about the Summer Learning Loss. All of these kids that are going back today could have a gap in their learning if they did not workout their brains over the summer.

I don’t think a Summer Learning Loss should ever exist. There should never be a gap in anyone’s learning. I realize this is difficult for some young people who don’t have the resources that others do. Or some who do not have the positive influences that others do. But learning is our number one personal responsibility. This is why everyone should always go back to school every single day.

How long have you been on a break from your own education?

What are the last three books you have read?

How are you continually investing in your own personal growth?

How do you set a positive example about education to your kids?

Each of us as leaders (yes we are all leaders in some way) is on a journey. We are all on a journey to learn how to lead. This journey never ends. It must be lived every single day. If young people experience a Summer Learning Loss, then it is our responsibility to model the way when it comes to learning and growth. We must not let that gap create the habit of shutting off our minds. Closed mindedness has become a major problem in our world.

With all the posts and photos about back to school I can’t help but think about the movie Billy Madison. In the movie, Billy goes back to school at 30 years old. As he is waiting on the bus he sings, “Back to school, Back to school to prove to dad that I’m not a fool.” I keep hearing that song as I see all the posts.

We all must go back to school. We have nothing to prove to anyone other than ourselves. We must prove to ourselves that we are committed to learning.

Today is the day to go back to school and to realize that you should never leave again.

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2 thoughts on “Why We All Must Go Back to School

  1. Great post! I have not been committed enough to my own leaning by I am setting a goal today to better invest in myself!

  2. “We all must go back to school. We have nothing to prove to anyone other than ourselves. We must prove to ourselves that we are committed to learning.”

    At the very least, if you funk a school course, you don’t have to worry about facing your parents for failing. You can just learn from it and learn from it positively as a failure tool instead of looking at it from a negative viewpoint. People always stated we can learn from failure; however, that is not much help or no help at all when you are a child/young person and failure is not viewed positively in our society plus having to deal with your parent(s).