I Really Appreciate the Recognition But…

7 People Who Deserve It More


I was recently informed that I was a finalist for something called the ChangeMaker Award that the Austin Young Chamber of Commerce gives out every year. I am humbled by this recognition and it really got me thinking. This is (thinking) pretty much my greatest pastime.

I have to first admit something about myself. In fact, I will provide a direct quote from my DISC Assessment: “Billy wants awards and rewards.” It’s true. I like recognition. I like getting awards. I do not shy away from an opportunity to be recognized for something if it is warranted.

To me there is nothing wrong with liking recognition as long as it is not the only thing motivating you to do something, especially when it comes to serving others. As much as I enjoy being recognized, it is not the reason I choose to give of my time, talents and treasures. It is not why I am committed to serving others.

I believe in serving others because I know that people are good and need opportunities to succeed. I serve others because I believe I can help build people up who are far smarter and more talented than I am. These people are the ones who will change the world.

I want to say that I really do appreciate any recognition I have gotten or any that I will get in the future. Even though I really do like it, I promise that I will work to be humbled by it. Humility to me is one of the most important characteristics of an effective leader. If you are not humble, if you go around telling everyone how great you are, than you may want to look in the mirror and re-evaluate your life and leadership.

So yea, I really do appreciate the recognition but…

Here are 7 People Who Deserve Recognition More:

  • My Wife Ashley. Okay so she has gotten a lot of of recognition of late, but to me it will never be enough. She is amazing and really pushes me to be better. She helps me when my ugly ego rears its head.
  • My Parents. I try to recognize my parents as much as I can because without their influence, without the tremendous example they set for me, I would be lost. I have written about my mom and dad before on this blog.
  • My In-Laws. I recognize my own parents often, but I should do the same for my in-laws, Janie and Ed Alaniz. I really lucked out marrying into their family. Their example of hard work, humility and commitment to philanthropy is inspiring. They also raised a great daughter!
  • Sister Kenneth. When I was in elementary school, Sister Kenneth was my Principal. I spent lots of time with her since I had an assigned seat in her office. You could say I was a difficult child. She always pushed me. She told me I had potential. She deserves more praise than I could write in this brief paragraph.
  • Teachers. I have had so many teachers who really have changed my life. I could not list them all. I have worked with some schools lately and I continue to be amazed by the commitment teachers have to growing young minds. They will never receive enough recognition in my opinion.
  • The people who volunteered their time this past weekend. I put on a leadership conference for high school aged leaders, which is one of the ways I give back. I could not have done it without the people who shared their time and talent with me and the young leaders. They know who they are and they are awesome!
  • YOU. Whoever you are, you are amazing and deserve some recognition. You take the time to read this blog. You support me. You are committed to your own personal growth. You are a Boss. You are a leader who I know makes a difference.

I am so grateful for the recognition that I received. I am more grateful for the wonderful people in my life who help push me to grow, to be better.

Although I enjoy awards from time to time, I will not let it consume me. I will continue to serve others even if no one else ever notices. I will do so for one very important reason.

Because I am called to serve.

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One thought on “I Really Appreciate the Recognition But…

  1. What an insightful post. I too enjoy recognition and I am always working to make sure that I don’t let myself enjoy it too much. Ego really is a killer for a leader. Thanks for sharing.