Rain On My Birthday

Rain on My Birthday

My birthday was on July 24th and I turned 30. My wife and I planned this big happy hour to celebrate. The only thing I really wanted for my birthday was to bring a bunch of people I knew together and let them connect with each other. The happy hour was on a roof top bar in Austin, Texas on July 25th. We were prepared for a lot of people and a lot of heat.

But guess what happened?

It rained!

It was the end of July in Texas and it rained! I certainly could not have predicted that. In July in Texas we are always conserving water because of our lack of rain. People are usually complaining that it is too hot.

But on the day of my birthday happy hour it rained. I could have had a many different reactions to the rain. I could have complained and said “oh poor me, it is raining on my birthday and less people will come to my party.” Could you have blamed me for this reaction? I mean it was my party and I could have cried if I wanted to. I could have said, “how could it rain on my parade?”

That was not my reaction. I decided to remain positive and to be thankful for something that rarely happens in July in Texas. I was excited for the rain. And guess what? The happy hour was unforgettable! So many people braved the weather and came out. It was truly humbling for me.

Too often people complain about the rain just as there are people usually complaining about the heat or about the lack of rain. Seeing complaints about rain reminds me that some people just need to complain. Some people are just negative. If you need to be reminded of the negativity in our country, just turn on the news or better yet check out your Facebook news feed! It is filled with negative thoughts from people who seem to have nothing better to do than bring others down.

Effective leaders produce positive thoughts and emotions. They don’t complain about the rain in Texas in July. They embrace it! They thank God for this amazing blessing.

If it was raining this morning when you woke up, what did you think? If it was negative, perhaps it is time for an attitude adjustment. What was the last thing you posted on Facebook? Was it a complaint? If so, why not see what happens when you only post positive things?

Negativity is a habit. It is a behavior that you may have developed over a long period of time. Maybe your parents spoke with negativity. Maybe you have had a lot of “yeabuts” in your life. Now is the time to change that behavior. Remember that you do not think your way to new behavior. You BEHAVE your way to new thinking. If you want to be a positive leader who makes a difference, you must take action. You must make a change.

Positive leadership can change the world, but we must be the change we want to see. So next time you go to complain about something on Facebook or next time you don’t thank God for the rain, stop and change that negative behavior!

I look forward to a new Facebook someday where everything is positive. I look forward to a world full of sunshine, even when it is raining! I understand that no one can ever rain on my parade or my birthday happy hour except me.

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