Five Mistakes I Made Starting A Business

Mistakes I Made Starting a Business

I started a business in my last semester of college and although we have been pretty successful there really has only been one constant since the very beginning: Mistakes. Mistakes are learning experiences that help build us into more effective leaders. We all have to learn from our own mistakes, but hopefully through this post […]

Why Not Taking Action Equals Failure

Failure to Act Outweighs All Other Failures

Failure to Act

Failure is an interesting issue to write about and for some it is almost impossible. In sports sometimes you hear the phrase, “failure is not an option” used. I have learned that failure is indeed an option. In fact, failure is a constant. We are all going to fail, over and over again. It is […]

Create Your Own Spring Training

Lifelong Learning is Key to Success

Spring Training

This is one of my favorite times of year. The Major League Baseball season is upon us. Spring Training is wrapping up for all 30 teams. I love the idea of spring training! It is a time for teams to prepare for a new season. Training is essential for athletes Isn’t it interesting that all major sports […]

Quit Playing the Victim

5 Ways Victim Thinking Paralyzes Progress

Victim Thinking

People often ask me what it means to Be the Boss of Your Life. A lot goes into this statement that I have chosen to be the theme of my personal brand. I have written numerous posts on what it means to Be the Boss. Here is one thing that it doesn’t mean. You cannot […]