7 Ways to Turnaround a Culture

Change the Culture, Change the Results

Turnaround the Culture

Culture in an organization is real. It isn’t some random made up term by consultants like me looking to get more contracts. Every organization, no matter the size or the amount of revenue, has a company culture. A culture is simply the personality of the company. It determines how employees act, how motivated and engaged […]

The Power of the Team of Two

Team of Two

A couple years ago I wrote a book called The Turnaround (along with Bill Moyer) that focused on organizational culture. The creation of a Development Culture can turn around the results of any organization because you are investing the growth of people and there is no investment that guarantees a greater return. One of the most important aspects […]

Values, Inc. – A Must Read for all Business Leaders

Values, Inc

Some organizations just flat out get it right when it comes to doing business the right way. The Dwyer Group, based in Waco, Texas is one of them. They understand that people are their most valuable resource and they live by a unique code of values. I had the pleasure of reading Values, Inc. written by Dina Dwyer-Owens, […]

The Berenstain Bears and The Blame Game

You probably have played Monopoly or Catch Phrase. I’m sure you have played Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders. Another game you probably have played or have seen played is The Blame Game. I recently came across an old children’s book that got me thinking about this topic again. When I was a young child, I […]

Micromanaging is a Myth

I believe that PR (Personal Responsibility) is the solution to all problems organization’s face. Think about it, what would your organization’s results look like if every employee (and I mean everyone) was personally responsible for goals, and their own actions? If they took personal responsibility for the organizations results. Every employee understanding PR is easier […]