Beware of Alligators and Ugly Stuff

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Everyone wants to be successful. Each person’s definition is slightly different and entails different things. Success may be financial, relational, or something completely different. There are however, certain similarities found in every journey to Success, and certain things to avoid on the way.

Introducing Beware of Alligators and Ugly Stuff, my latest book written with Bill Moyer.

Beware of Alligators and Ugly Stuff is a simple story that will move you to reflect on your own leadership and the challenges that your business faces. The story follows an Ogre on a journey through Swamp Land to Success. The Ogre faces great challenges and along the way has many opportunities to seek the help of others.

As you meet the colorful characters throughout the book, you will see yourself as well. From there you can reflect on your own journey to success. The book can be read in under an hour, but the insight can last a lifetime.

“I am giving this book to all of the business leaders I know,” Robert Tunmire, Executive VP at The Dwyer Group said. Bill and Billy Moyer have a unique skill to simplify complexity. This ability is present in Beware of Alligators and Ugly Stuff. I continue to be amazed how they get such great results not only from their books, but also from the work they do at SOS Leadership. They really are tour guides to next level growth!”

Beware of Alligators and Ugly Stuff is available on Amazon!

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